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A Guide to Discount RV Rentals

RVs are a unique way to travel with no hotels or crowded airports. It’s just you, America’s highways, and anything you want to see. Owning an RV, however, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. A cheaper alternative is to rent an RV. This is even a cost-effective way to sample different RVs before purchasing one of your own.But renting an RV can still be expensive. Many companies charge a flat day rate on top of fees for additional miles. Plus there’s insurance, supplies, and a security deposit that is often not refunded in full, if at all.Fortunately, there are ways to reduce the cost of renting an RV. One of the simplest ways is to rent an RV during the off-season. The weather may not be as warm, but you will probably save hundreds of dollars. Rental agencies offer discounts up to 70-percent during the off-season. Plus, you will travel without a swarm of other tourists.Many Web sites also provide discount RV rental coupons. Search around to find a deal.The most popularly rented RV is the class-C motor home. It can sleep six to nine people and has a modern kitchen. If you can go for a smaller motor home, maybe even one that’s a little more rustic, you will be sure to save money. Don’t go for the TV and DVD player. Also, comparison-price with rental agencies outside major cities. You may get a cheaper price.One simple way to get a discount RV rental is to buy your time in bulk. You get a cheaper rate when you travel for more days. Many RV rental agencies also charge less the sooner you book your RV. So plan ahead!If you plan on renting an RV frequently or stopping at lots of campgrounds, it may be cost-effective to join a discount camping club like the Happy Camper RV Club that gives up to a 50-percent discount at many camping sites.

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